Hi penguin family! What a fantastic week it’s been in the community. ?? From classic anniversary parties to the official announcement of The Club Penguin Arcade, there’s been so much celebration… and we’re not stopping yet! I’ve been super excited all week to reveal the TWO winners of Community Superstar today, so let’s get started. ? This week’s first Community Superstar is tigerrkid, nominated by X Tina X and Jempenguin! Here are their nominations:

I would like to nominate tigerrkid! This KID has been making videos for such a long time to entertain and help the CPI community. His video editing is done so well, he puts all his effort into the videos and you can tell he’s really passionate with what he’s doing. He’s always thinking of others and probably one of the most selfless people you’ll ever meet and I couldn’t imagine a CPI community without him! he’s really made a huge difference in the community. Thank you for all you do tiger!


I nominate Tigerrkid, he’s never been POTW in Classic or CPI and I feel like he is the perfect example of a Community Superstar! Even with the sad news of CPI closing, he continues to do so much for the community in game and on social media. His love for Club Penguin shows in his dedication and time he puts into everything that he does. He’s very creative and fun to be around and just an overall kind penguin!

Congratulations, tigerrkid!

Tiger, you’ve always done so much for our Island community from day one and your contributions are invaluable. From your awesome videos to hilarious (and quite timely) memes, you have made an incredible impact on my penguin experience and many, many others – so, thank you so much. Although, I’d recommend you call someone about that flying sofa in your igloo… ??

You thought we were done? No way! #Can’tStopWon’tStop Our second Community Superstar this week is Julesmcwaddls, nominated by Giremo and Sillywilly53! Here are their nominations:

I would gladly nominate Julesmcwaddls. She’s always helped me when I’m always sad and she’s there for me. She can be also very fun to be around and likes to help other penguins in need! I’d say she deserves it.


I nominate Julesmcwaddls because she’s a nice friend and she’s fun to hang out with, she’s nice to people, she’s also helpful to those penguins who are new, and she has an awesome igloo! Waddle on!

Congratulations, Julesmcwaddls!

Jules, if there’s one thing which stands out to me about you, it’s your commitment to friendship, kindness and creativity on Club Penguin Island. You have made some incredible friends who you have cared for and looked after dearly (just look at those nominations!), and on an island like this – just that alone shows you are a Superstar. ? I love the attention to detail in your igloo, from the little bottle on the table to flowers decorating the island. Oh, and your reindeer costume is super awesome too!

Have you got a friend who you think deserves to win Community Superstar? Let us know in the comments below! I love hearing about the penguins who have made the Island a better place for you and everyone else – so keep those nominations rolling in! And, of course, every winner of Community Superstar gets a little pack of Party Supplies to share with the community and celebrate. ?

Woo hoo! I’m so glad we’re celebrating TWO SUPERSTARS tonight, because it means double the happiness! I don’t know about you, but I love reading Community Superstar nominations – it makes so happy to see that we really do have the best community ever. ?? We’ll be celebrating our next Community Superstar winner next Friday 2nd November, so what are you waiting for? Nominate the most awesome penguin you know in the comments below now! Until next time, penguin fam!

Waddle on!


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I would like to nominate Cookiezito for this week’s community superstar! This penguin is really creative and make us smile with his daily CPI posts.
He really supports the game and he is passionate.

Bloxorz ⋅ Nov 02 @ 10:52 PM

Hiya! I would like to nominate Ajdaendermen for Community Super Star! He’s a great friend to me and has always seemed to cheer me up when I’ve felt down and most of the time I don’t even tell him I’m feeling down! It’s his positive, friendly personality that cheers me up! He’s also supported everything I’ve done. From my igloos to my blog (not trying to self promote) His positive yet constructive criticism inspires me to keep going! And that’s why I hope to keep in touch with him after cpi’s closure and why I think he deserves Community Super Star!

Kappa_amigo ⋅ Nov 02 @ 5:47 PM

Hello! I would like to nominate Sillywilly53! He is my brother in real life, and he’s super kind! He always hangs out with his friends on Club Penguin Island and helps them out by doing things such as giving them Party Blasters, and he always knows how to make us laugh and smile. He also makes some super awesome igloos, like his restaurant! He’s an awesome friend and brother and he really does deserve Community Superstar! Waddle on! :)

Storcko ⋅ Oct 29 @ 3:41 AM

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