Offline Mode Data Saver

This tool was created to help make saving a copy of your penguin's data from Offline Mode a bit easier. It'll save your data export as a text file.

Paste in your exported data from Debug Mode here: Save penguin data
We don't ever see any of what you enter into this tool - it all happens in your web browser.

Instructions to Export your Data

Hooray! You've saved your penguin data.

Now you've saved your data (), please keep it in a safe place.

Upload this file to a safe place, like cloud storage services such as Google Drive and Dropbox, and a USB stick or external hard-drive, so you have it no matter what happens to your computer.

Come back here every so often and keep making backups of your penguin in Offline Mode and keep them safe.

Thank you for making Club Penguin Island such an inspirational journey. I can't wait for what's next. Always, waddle on.

Please note: for Safari users, the file will open in a new tab. Press Cmd+S to save it.