Hi penguin family! Here we are, the month of Club Penguin’s last ever update. It’s going to emotional for sure, but I hope we will all be able to join together to make the most of the days we have left on the Island. I thought it would be nice to make a little calendar of everything happening this November on Club Penguin Island and The Islanders. ?? Be sure to check back throughout the month of November to see what’s new – I’ll be keeping it updated with all my new posts, community meet-ups and more! ?

What's Coming In November


EPF: Vampire Cafe Infiltration – Sorry! Rescheduled to November 5th.


Share your CPI Halloween Memories (and Igloos!) – Sorry! Rescheduled to November 6th.

CPI Trivia Live Quiz Game – Sorry! Will be rescheduled soon.


Halloween Hangout Meet-up at 1pm PST in Beacon Boardwalk on Marshmallow


Waddle On Party begins


Club Penguin Island World Records


The Adventurers: Aunt Arctic Chapter 1


Rockhopper’s Riddles


Ultimate Gamer Tournament Meet-up


CPI Trivia Live Quiz Game


The Adventurers: Aunt Arctic Chapter 2


Fancy Garden Party Meet-up


The Adventurers: Rockhopper Chapter 1

Wow! We’ve got a jam-packed month on Club Penguin Island, and it’s only going to get bigger! I hope sharing this list of meet-ups, blog posts and updates will help you plan for an awesome November. ? Are you hosting a meet-up in the community this month? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll add it to the calendar! I’ve also got a few surprises which I haven’t mentioned in the calendar, so keep an eye out on The Islanders. ?

What are you looking forward to most this month? Let me know in the comments below! ? I’m excited and a little emotional to see the Waddle On Party… but I hope it will be one of inspiration and celebration. Thank you for checking this calendar out, penguin family, and until next time…

Waddle on!