Hi penguin family! If there’s one thing I know about the Club Penguin Island team, it’s that they love to throw in a surprise or two into an update. Everywhere in the game – from adventures to furniture names – there’s fun little easter eggs for Club Penguin fans to discover. And the Waddle On Party is no exception! ?? Throughout our final party, you can find so many fun little secrets, it’s like taking on a whole new adventure in itself.

Today, I’ll be letting you in on the TOP 5 secrets I’ve found in the Waddle On Party. **SPOILER ALERT** – if you’d like to discover hidden characters, decoration surprises and more yourself, look away now! But if you’ve already got them all, or need a helping flipper with a few, keep on reading. By the end of this post, you’ll be an expert and can show off your secret knowledge to your friends. ?

#1: Secret Classic Arcade game modes

Superfans of Club Penguin might remember that within many mini-games… there was a whole other mini-game hiding inside! In Smoothie Smash, Pizzatron 3000 and Bean Counters, these secrets are back. If you want to dodge bombs and anvils, make cookie pizzas (YUM!) and load jelly bean bags off trucks, here’s how to unlock these special mini-mini-games!

Smoothie Smash: Tap the bomb on the game’s main menu screen. ?

Pizzatron 3000: Tap the lever switch in the back of the game’s main menu screen to switch to candy mode. ?

Bean Counters: Tap the patch on the bag in the bottom-left corner of the game’s main menu screen. ?

These new game modes sometimes have new features, new difficulty levels or new rules, so remember to read the instructions. Now you’ve unlocked 3 MORE mini-games, which one will you play first? ?

#2: Say hi to Shellbeard

You’ve already met all of our Island mascots, you might’ve said hi to Herbert in the Underground Diner…  but isn’t there someone missing? Of course, I’m talking about SHELLBEARD! It looks like the gem we sent into the oceans has made its way to the canal in Island Central. If you want to have a chinwag with this old foe, throw a snowball at the purple gem to wake him up! Although he’s only appeared once in Rockhopper’s Adventures, it looks like he’s been keeping busy. We all see that giant hint you’re dropping, Shellbeard! ?

#3: Take a selfie with YOUR anniversary hat

What are random colourful paper cones doing all around the Island?! If you know your Club Penguin history well, you’ll recognise these 15 strange items to be ANNIVERSARY HATS! That’s right, there’s one to represent every celebration of Club Penguin. You can do so much with these little decorations which mean so much. ❤️

Enjoyed the Easter Egg Hunt back in April? Now you’ve got 15 easter eggs to find! Well, they’re anniversary hats, but you know what I mean. Got a favourite year of Club Penguin or looking to rep your own? Take a selfie with the hat which belongs to YOU! ? It was an absolute must to hide these hats all over the game before the end, and I’m glad the team did!

#4: Have a conversation with Klutzy

The friendships we’ve made on Club Penguin Island will last forever, and there’s one friend who’s jumping with joy to meet you again! Waddle on down to the sewer restaurant to reunite with everyone’s favourite crab, KLUTZY! SO CUTE! You don’t have to talk to Herbert to reunite with Klutzy either. ?

Jump up to say hi in crab, and you can have a little conversation using the crab language skills you picked up in Aunt Arctic Chapter 2 adventures. Even when the game goes offline, you know Klutzy will always be there for you. Just… don’t use the Princess emoji… he’s only a crab trying to make friends! ?

#5: Spot the yeti!

One of the biggest Island mysteries ever hides on Mount Blizzard… the YETI! All of those pawprints, all of those 2,999 failed Yeti Scanners, all of those trips up to the summit, they were all to find this one mysterious creature. Although they made a quick appearance at the very end of Rookie Chapter 2 adventures, we hadn’t seen much of the yeti. That is, until now! ?

If you’ve got a good eye and stand above the door to Mount Blizzard or on the roof of Franky’s, you can spot a yeti pop out every few minutes! This is one of my favourite secrets in the Waddle On Party, and it’s great to show your friends too. The only question left now is… does the yeti like spaghetti? ?

I hope you enjoyed this little post about all of the amazing secrets the team added to the last ever party on Club Penguin Island. Are there any secrets in this party which I haven’t spotted? Share with the community in the comments below! ?? I hope you have a ton of fun with your friends in the time we’ve got together, penguin pals! Every day on the Island is an adventure and you can discover something totally new! Until next time…

Waddle on!


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Wow! I had discovered most of these already, but I had no clue about the yeti! I’m logging in right now to try it out…

Splosh Jnr ⋅ Jul 21 @ 6:56 AM

I had no idea about the yeti! I have a board game called Yeti in My Spaghetti LOL! Also, Gary made 2,999 other yeti scanners?

Waddle on Dj Stores!

Sillywilly53 ⋅ Nov 16 @ 12:57 AM

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