Hi penguin family. The Waddle On Party started this week and the Club Penguin Island team gave us one last extraordinary experience to enjoy together. We’re going to make these next few weeks a huge celebration of Club Penguin, but I know there’s still a lot of questions about what will happen next. So, I’ll be answering some of the most common questions I’m hearing about the closure, and a few extras which I hope you’ll find helpful.

When is Club Penguin Island shutting down?

Club Penguin Island’s game servers will go offline on December 20th, 2018. We’re not sure of the exact time at the moment, but it could possibly be earlier than midnight PST (the time of classic’s closure). From now until the end, everyone gets free membership and can access everything the Island has to offer. From adventures and unlimited clothing customisation, to igloos and exclusive items, you’ve got the key to it all!

Club Penguin Island’s game servers went offline on December 20th, 2018 at 10am PST.

Why is Club Penguin Island shutting down?

This isn’t an easy question to answer, but after doing lots of reading and research, I believe this is the best one I can give. On September 25th, the team who worked on both the original Club Penguin and stayed to work on Club Penguin Island were informed that they no longer have their jobs and they will have to close the game. This was not their choice, the team had plans for the game for years and years to come.

However, there came a turning point earlier in the year when the game wasn’t doing so well, and they started to propose new project ideas to Disney in order to keep running the game and save their jobs. When you’re working under a huge company like Disney, every new project idea needs to be “greenlit”. This is a go-ahead from an executive that they’re on board with the idea. If they get it, Disney will keep the resources – like money and people – necessary for it to happen.  The team would’ve tried several new project ideas, and one of them was about to receive this “greenlight” approval. But, this was never confirmed, and instead Disney decided that – in an attempt to save money – the team would be let go.

This has been going on for years at Disney, as they get rid of their own teams working on games and instead ask other companies to make them for them. This is cheaper, and so far has been working for Disney – since there’s been lower costs for operating their games for the past few months. But at what cost? Hundreds of people losing their jobs which they’ve put their heart and soul into for years and years.

The Club Penguin Island production team’s last day was December 21st, 2018.

Can I still download and play Club Penguin Island?

You can still login and play Club Penguin Island online until December 20th.

The mobile app will be taken off the App Store and Google Play on November 20th. This is earlier than the game’s closure date. If you have downloaded the game in the past and want to re-install on mobile after November 20th, check your Purchased apps history – you should hopefully find it there.

You will no longer be able to download the game for PC/Mac on December 20th. This is the day the game’s website and servers will go offline, so you’ll be able to get the game for your computer right up until it goes offline.

You are no longer able to download Club Penguin Island for PC/Mac. Follow advice above for iOS or Android – note: you might not have your player data if you deleted the app before.


What is there to do at the Waddle On Party?

The remaining team working on Club Penguin Island have given the game the best send-off possible. The highlight of the party is one last story adventure with all of the mascots. For a game driven so much by story, this is a sweet way to say “waddle on”.

Another HUGE part of this party is mini-games from the original Club Penguin game on an arcade machine by Franky’s. Who needs to learn how to cook when you’re a pro at Pizzatron 3000? Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, you can do EVERYTHING on Club Penguin Island with free membership and more coins than you’ll ever need!

You can access the Waddle On Party at any time in Offline Mode, it’s yours forever.

I’ve been paying for membership – what is my refund?

For any paid members with a membership purchase lasting into November 6th and beyond, you’ll receive a partial refund. They can’t refund you for everything you’ve ever paid for the game – after all, you paid for having the service. But for any time you paid for but are instead receiving for free at the Waddle On Party, that money will be refunded.

Everyone who ever purchased a 12-month subscription to Club Penguin Island is eligible for a partial refund. If you had a membership of a shorter duration and it renewed within the respective duration before November 5th, you’re also eligible for a partial refund. For example: a 3-month membership renewed after August 5th, or a 1-month membership renewed after October 5th.

Membership refunds have started to be processed as of earlier this month. To what we know, they will be automatic for all platforms – Web, PC & Mac, iOS and Android. If you haven’t received yours by November 22nd, get in touch with Club Penguin Island Support and they’ll be happy to help. Keep an eye out on the official support pages too, they’re the best place for up-to-date information on billing.

All membership refunds have now been completed. Please allow 10 working days for it to show on your statement.

Is this really the end for Club Penguin?

It’s been the journey of a lifetime, but once Club Penguin Island closes, there won’t be another Club Penguin game. But, that is nowhere near the end of Club Penguin Island because after December 21st, you can enjoy the game in OFFLINE MODE! This is a huge new feature that lets you keep on waddling forever more.

IMPORTANT: One-time setup needed to play Offline Mode on PC/Mac. Click here for instructions.

Will I still be a member in Offline Mode?

Everyone will still have free membership forever in Offline Mode, since all purchases have been removed from the Club Penguin Island app and game. This is a huge gift to all Club Penguin fans. You can still play adventures, make clothes and decorate your igloo just like you always have.

What isn’t going to be available in Offline Mode?

Ok, here’s the important bit. You will not be able to access/use the following features in Offline Mode: Friends List, Daily Challenges, Dot’s Catalog, Crate Co, Team Dance Battle, Party Games. If you want to make a backup of your friends list, I suggest you make sure you take screenshots a few days before the closure. Enjoy Daily Challenges while you can and be sure to support your favourite designs in the Catalog.

What is going to be available in Offline Mode?

You can still play adventures, create clothes, decorate igloos, use party supplies, explore the Island, replay the Waddle On Party, play solo mini-games, collect and exchange, buy items and everything else that doesn’t need to connect to the game servers to work. You’ll have access to all your existing igloos and clothes forever, since they’ll be saved to your device every time you login to the online service before December 20th on the Waddle On update.

What is the community doing to celebrate Club Penguin?

There’s going to be huge meetups like CP Around The Clock for 48 hours starting Friday 30th November at mid-day PST, and A Club Penguin Celebration, we’ll let you know when there’s details about that out. There will still be Together Thursday parties, and I’ll be hosting a few too so keep an eye out on The Islanders for what’s happening when.

I’ll add a little message to the homepage on The Islanders when there’s a meetup happening on the Island so you don’t miss out. We’ve got one chance to make this epic, so let’s do this!

Got all of that? Flippers crossed that this has been able to answer some of the questions you’ve had on your mind, and now you can enjoy the Waddle On Party to its fullest without having to think about what will happen to the game after the closure. This island is our home, and I’m thankful we still get to keep it for years to come. That was a long Q&A… I think we all deserve a nap in our igloos after that. If you’ve got any more questions, leave them in the comments below and I’ll let you know all the answers I can. Until next time, everyone!

Waddle on!


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