Hi penguin pals. Here we are, almost at the end of an incredible journey together. In just 3 days, Club Penguin Island will be waddling on, but just before that happens… I reach a very special milestone. This Wednesday marks my 10th anniversary playing Club Penguin games, and I want it to be a special day with all of you (after all, I haven’t been able to do as much for the community as I would’ve liked in our final days).

It’s always been the community that has made Club Penguin so much fun for everyone, and I’d like to give back to you for all of the fun times you’ve given to me. On December 19th, I’ll be on the Island for the whole day celebrating my time on Club Penguin, and the Club Penguin franchise as a whole, with all of you. Here’s what’s happening when.

10th Anniversary Celebration Schedule

10:00am PST: A Celebration of 10 Years on Club Penguin

A party with all of you – the penguins who made these 10 years so incredibly special – starting in Island Central on Marshmallow. We’ll play mini-games, celebrate our game and just have a good time: that’s what the day is all about.

11:30am PST: Club Penguin Island Trivia: Waddle On Edition

How well do you know our island home? Join us for a special Waddle On game of Club Penguin Island trivia LIVE at noon PST on /trivia. Play with a group of friends for even more fun!

1:00pm PST: Igloo Tram Tour

One last visit of everyone’s igloos together. Whether you’ve got a holiday iggy, a fun mini-game for everyone to play or just a cozy home – I want to see it! 

2:30pm PST: Island Scavenger Hunt

Just like the good old days, go for a hide-and-seek of random fun decorations around Club Penguin Island! We’ll start at Beacon Boardwalk on Marshmallow. If you hide cheese graters in your igloo, we can visit there too.

4:00pm PST: Final Mod Meetup

Join the Club Penguin Island team for one last celebration of everything Club Penguin on the world Hockey. There will be more mods than you can count on two flippers!

5:30pm PST: Party Blaster Wrap-Up

The best days start with cake and end with a huge showers of confetti, right? We’ll gather back in Island Central on Marshmallow with Party Blasters to say waddle on to a wonderful last day together.

Thank you for 10 years of amazing memories

When I joined Club Penguin all those years ago, I never could’ve ever imagined the life-changing journey it would take me on. I’ve had the most incredible time, been to the most incredible place ever (CPHQ, where all the magic happens) and done it all with the most incredible people ever (that’s all of you). And now, we get to celebrate all of that with one mega day of mega celebrations.

Thank you for everything, penguin family! I’m excited to spend our last full day on the Island with you! Until then…

Waddle on!


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